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Fabricación en china

At Moldes Valma we always favour manufacturing moulds at our facilities in Barcelona, but when the client’s economic targets warrant it, we can carry out the production of their injection runs, offering them the second option of designing their injection parts and moulds at our technical office, and manufacturing the injection moulds and runs together with the assemblies of parts at one of our factories in China.

We have been working for over 10 years with several factories located in Guanzhou, at which we have unlimited work schedules, as our suppliers have personnel ranging from 240 to 420 people on 4 shifts, which results in an average term of 5 weeks for delivery of injection tests, though this may be reduced to as little as 3 weeks.

If the client so wishes, we offer the option of shipping our moulds by air, which means that from approval of the injection test in China, we can get the mould to the client’s facilities in 4 days, so distance is not an issue for anyone. We have Spanish associates residing in Guanzhou, which allows full control of all the manufacturing on a daily basis, with factory visits, and weekly scheduled delivery to our clients, by which they can check the work being done.

We conduct videoconferences with our factories every day in order to manage all our mould manufacturing, and we invite our customers to attend these at our facilities in Barcelona. They can thus rest easy in the knowledge that their projects are being carried out with the greatest control and discipline as they require.

Along with the sample parts of the moulds made in China, we record and send videos of the moulds to guarantee that the mould injectors are fully automatic. We thus guarantee that upon the arrival of the moulds at the customer’s facilities, the moulds will begin functioning without stoppages or lengthy start-ups.

Moldes Valma guarantees all the moulds manufactured in China are of the same quality as those manufactured in Europe, and we cover this guarantee with our workshops in Barcelona.

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